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About FunkChiLd MuSIC ProDucTION

FunkChiLd MuSIC

Funkchild Music Production is based in Bronx New York. Started in year 2009 by Producer Mike Shaw (CEO) and later with Co-Producer James Barkley (Vice President). 
The style of music created fusing with 70’s to today’s music to create a unique sound most sought after for up and coming artists. We produce R&B, Hip Hop, Rap and Reggae artists.

We are building our productions based upon our education in music both formal and informal. There are no limits to the variety of sounds that come from us. You want fat bass? We got it. Jazz licks crossing over a club banger? We got that too. We are stretching the boundaries of the universe to create a foundation that will take our followers on a Fantastic Voyage!

FunkChild Producers

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Mike "The Funk Child" Shaw         James "Egghead" Barkley

In The Lab

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